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We offer Chiropractic, Soft Tissue Therapy, Nutritional Therapy and more.

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Dr. Erin McFerson

Dr. Erin McFerson is here to help you on the road to health & wellness.

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Discover how Chiropractic has helped others battling with injury, soreness and poor health.

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We’re here to help you on your
next step to balanced health and wellness.


Today’s health care often times does not focus on the whole person nor is treatment tailored to the individual’s needs or the underlying cause of their dis-ease.

Dr. Erin McFerson believes that all people deserve to receive health care that is balanced and sustainable allowing them to achieve their greatest health potential. Instead of chasing symptomatic relief Dr. McFerson provides evidence based, holistic chiropractic care that is lasting and unique to each patient’s health goals throughout all stages of life. By listening to her patients and their bodies, Dr. McFerson specializes in providing care that is comprehensive and straightforward, using a blend of gentle chiropractic care, soft tissue therapies, and lifestyle coaching.

Her priority is to empower her patients with the tools and knowledge they need to create actionable steps to reach their health goals. By fulfilling her passion of serving others Dr. McFerson works diligently to build a stronger and healthier community one patient at a time.

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