Dr. Erin McFerson’s approach to health was largely shaped by her up bringing outside of Ames, IA. Here she spent virtually all her waking hours outside in her neighborhood and helping in the family garden, which provided nearly all the food they needed year round. She learned invaluable skills throughout her childhood by watching her mother cook and preserve their homegrown food, being taught the importance of a healthy lifestyle at a very young age. While playing sports in high school, Dr. Erin began seeing a chiropractor initially for an injury but quickly realized how vital chiropractic played in her health and wellbeing. She had always wanted to help people, but once she was introduced to the power of chiropractic she knew she had found her passion.

Dr. Erin began her education at the University of Missouri- Columbia where she gained a bachelors degree in Biology and was repeatedly honored on the Dean’s list for academic excellence. Following graduation she decided to take some time off before starting chiropractic school by working on organic farms in Ireland through the organize WWOOF.  While working on a variety of farms she furthered her understanding about permaculture, organic farming, and was introduced to holistic lifestyle practices including how to use native herbs as natural remedies. Once back in the states Dr. Erin received her doctor of chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN graduating summa cum laude. While in school, Dr. Erin continued her passion for nutrition and lifestyle coaching while integrating a variety of soft tissue techniques to ensure a whole system emphasis for her practice.

Dr. Erin lives in Northeast Minneapolis with her husband Nick, their dog Tip, and two cats Frank and Luna. In her free time, Dr. Erin can be found outside working in their garden, hiking or skiing with Nick and Tip, practicing yoga, or exploring their beautiful Northeast community. She continues in her mother’s footstep by cooking, preserving, and fermenting foods like sauerkraut and kombucha, but she leaves the homemade bread in Nick’s hands.