Dr. Erin practices mostly diversified Chiropractic and also the highly precise Thompson Technique which uses a specialized table with drop. For those who require the softest of touches with high precision, Dr. Erin uses an Activator adjusting instrument. The Activator instrument is perfect for those who are suffering with a very acute conditions, people who are confined to wheelchairs, some children, or anyone who prefers a softer approach. The specific technique that will be used in your care will depend on your needs and which technique is best for you.

Dr. Erin is also certified in Rocktape, and Graston technique, and also utilizes cupping (as seen on Michael Phelps) or various massage techniques like trigger point therapy, cross fiber friction as a way to address the fascia and scar tissue.

Dr. Erin also knows the importance of home care and will coach you on simple ways you can change your lifestyle and diet, as well as provide you with the proper exercises and stretches you can do to help you regain the health you desire.