The Food Addition!

Since many of my patients are off enjoying their summer taking vacations or running up north to the cabin for long weekends, I decided to make our July monthly update all about food and fun! I hope you enjoy the recipes I have included, perhaps even getting the whole family involved! It's no surprise we [...]

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Somewhere along the way we forgot how to move.

https://www.facebook.com/McFersonChiropractic/videos/1975108682792855/   When we were learning how to walk as children no one had to tell us where to bend and twist from, we just moved as our body allowed us. Now as adults, our bodies have been conditioned to our daily activities like sitting at the computer, driving in the car, texting our [...]

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Soups and Stews Cooking Class

Warm up this winter with a cooking class that is all about soups and stews! We will make a variety of soups to practice skills such as making a creamy roux, incorporating winter vegetables, and playing with various spices and herbs to accommodate flavor and dietary restrictions. Think creamy wild rice soup and rich spiced [...]

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eGift Cards

Save a stressful trip to the mall this year and pass on the gift of self care with our new eGift Cards! Gift cards can be used toward visits for both new and existing members of our community.

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A Minnesotan’s lesson from the desert

                         As many of you know my husband and I were out in Arizona this past weekend visiting a dear friend of mine.. yes we missed the somewhat unwelcome April snowstorm, minus the shoveling of course! We had a wonderful time hiking around the desert, [...]

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